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Beacons, we've got a mission for you. All across the system we're getting readings of ancient space stations coming back online. We've codenamed these locations as STATIONDARKS

They are not empty. Something has awoken inside of them.

The enemy is moving fast in an attempt to secure the stations before us. The information we could learn—and the technology we could capture—means that we must capture the STATIONDARKS before the enemy does. 

LIGHT: STATIONDARK is a new Strike created for the Light Strike Jam. It is designed for LIGHT by GilaRPGs and the FUEL module for the same system. You do not need FUEL to use STATIONDARK.

STATIONDARK is designed to be generated on the fly as the Beacons move through the station. All of the modules are loaded with evocative details that make fights come to life in true cinematic, set-piece action.

In addition, this module is designed for multiple playthroughs if the Beacons wish it. Each STATIONDARK contains different modifiers for each of the modules, and before the Strike launches primary and secondary objectives are generated. Achieving these objectives grants the Beacons a chance for STATIONDARK specific gear upgrades.

This Strike also comes with a map created by using the Doodle Space Station assets created by Evlyn Moreau and are licensed under CC BY 4.0. Minor modifications have been made to the color of the assets.

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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STATIONDARK is an expansive space station generator. Evoking eerily clean corridors from 2001: Space Odyssey and MOON. Despite its neat look, total collapse awaits behind every corner.

This deceptive journey will require the beacons to think on their feet. One step at a time they will find out what hides behind the beautiful mess of wires, airlocks and mainframes.

Layout and presentation is superb. All of the module pages are easy to read at a glance thanks to the straightforward structure. A couple of vivid descriptions ensure that the beacons are always busy and the strike keeps surprising.

Overall, an awesome station generator for minimal prep sessions.